Stick Light

  • Available models with arrow shaped end modules
  • Mounting on various locations including the back of a light bar or the rear panel of a truck
  • High brightness LEDs and advanced optics provide long distance visibility
  • Traffic Director Kit includes a AS5500 controller (Built-in or External) and standard 20ft cable
  • Optional cable lengths: 30ft - 100ft
  • Traffic Directors are also available with optional Photo Dimmer Sensor
  • Available with External Ground Independent Control (AEK models)
  • Available with External Positive Independent Control (PIC models)
  • Custom configurations available upon request
  • Available colors: AMBER, CLEAR
  • Left, Right, Center Out and Flash warning patterns
  • Light Intensity Dimmer
  • Dimensions:
    - 8 Module: W-48”, H-2.0”, D-2.2” - 10 Module: W-42.5”, H-2.0”, D-2.2”

Product Specifications