CJB100RD Siren System

  • Ambulance Siren, Police Siren Cop Sirens
  • This siren meets SAE J1849 and CA Title 13 requirements
  • Handhold controller
  • Monolithic integrated circuit in steadier performance
  • Dimensions: 7.8 "Long x 4.3" Wide x 1.9"High
  • Tone: Police , Fire Fighting, Wrecker, Project, Ambulance , Guest Siren.
  • Unique and scientific design,perfect function,convenience for operation,safely and reliably
  • Design and produced in accordance with GB standard Character:
  • Digital technology and single molectron make performance steady and reliable
  • Additional functions of two sets switched of light control in the panel, designed perfectly
  • Function:aux,yelp,hi-lo,wail-1,wail-2,siren,horn,super-siren.yelp relay.tool
  • Build in LED display,sound amplifying

Product Specifications